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  Rules of movement along the marked pathways

1. Set out only when you have the tourist map of the area.

2. If you are not confident in your awareness of area and don’t have appropriate experience, go to the local mountain search and rescue station and get advice on the planned trip , the list of them is presented here.

3. At the beginning of pathways you can always find information scheme, also there are map charts and signposts with information about possible directions installed on the crossways.

4. Signs along the marked pathways are usually installed in the way you can see the next sign standing near the previous one.

5. It’s allowed to put signs at a distance under 300 m one from another on the straight legs and roads without branches, on the open areas – on  the objects which are  under 15 m away from the pathway.

6. Be careful on the route as signs or signposts may be damaged, destroyed or kinked by unconscientious persons or forestry machines.

7. If you lose the markings on the route, always go back to the last visible sign and try to find the continuation of the marked path.

8. If there are no signs on the branch of the road (or the crossways), always follow the road which is better covered to the next visible sign. If you can’t see any sign for a very  long time, use map.

9. In the protected areas movement of tourists is allowed only along marked pathways or recommended paths.

10. Remember that the marking is only a help for traveler in his journey, it does not oblige him to stop thinking. Be careful and reasonable!







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