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Карпатські стежки
NGO Ivano-Frankivsk regional foundation "Carpathian paths"
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NGO "Ivano-Frankivsk regional foundation" Carpathian paths" was founded in 2001 by a group of enthusiasts to promote active tourism, encourage environmental protection, support recovery programs of cultural and natural heritage, induce healthy lifestyles and community  activities in the field of recreation.

The Foundation is an association of citizens with an open membership - every person or structure who helps in its activities is a member. The organization is open to cooperation with any legal or natural persons, if the partnership seeks to achieve its statutory objectives.

"Carpathian path" is trying to be a mirror of the community – involving community into the matters of its activities is a fundamental principle of operation. Each member of the Foundation may offer their vision of future development - we are open to both live communication and being in touch using correspondence. We welcome the aspirations of the community to express new ideas or improve the methods which exist.


According to the tasks assigned under the statute "Carpathian paths" helps citizens and legal persons in:

* Providing the information about the worthwhileness and agreement of establishing and marking hiking (water, horse, ski, bicycle) tourist routes in the Ivano-Frankivsk region;

* Doing works such as cleaning routes, their labeling, marking and certification;

* Providing up-to-date information on environmental situation in the Carpathian mountain areas;      

* Verification of tourist and topographical maps, updating of guidebooks and handbooks;

* Preparation of tourist hikes, choosing the sensible routing, escort, transfers and nights lodging;

* Carrying out other statutory activities related to the development of active tourism and eco-tourism, promotion of healthy lifestyles, conservation matter that is not limited under the law.

Email for communication: Mobile phone number of Foundation Chairman: +38 (050) 777-20-70

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