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 The dawn of tourism in the Eastern Carpathians was initiated by Polish Tatra Association (Poskie Towarzystwo Tatranske, PTT) by means of its east-carpathian departments at the end of 19 century. First mountain refuge for tourists was grounded as far back as 1878 by Chornohora department of PTT (Kolomyja town) at Gadzhyna locality of Chornohora range. The land owner Ivan Popivchuk agreed to erect building from his own materials for he was awarded. Building contained hallway ("siny"), pantry ("komora") and three rooms, two of which are for tourists.

In 1881 Stanislaw department raised two more refuges - at Zarosliak and Zavoyelia localities. All together before World War II out of 78 refuges overall in Poland 47 were located in East Carpathians. The established refuge network allowed thousands of tourists getting acquainted with these wild and sparsely populated mountains.

At the end of 1933 to the east of Vyshkivsky pass there were approximately 34 overnight objects (refuges and shelters). At the end of 1938 PTT departments owned 42 refuges, shelters and tourist centres.

Tourist refuges and overnight rest-places that existed in Ivano-Frankivsk region territory before 1939

At Vyshkivsky (Torunsky) pass - caserne for frontiers with 28 overnight bunks available; built in 1936-38
In r. Svicha valley - 10 rooms refuge with 17 beds and two halls; built in 1936-38
In r. Moloda valley - built in 1936-38
At Jala locality (Rizarnia) - contained 25 overnight bunks; built in 1926-27
At Borevka pass - 2 refuges: winter for 16 persons and summer for 30, built in 1930-31.
At Rushchyna locality - built in 1936-38, contained 22 bed-places and 12 bunks (plank beds).
In Bystrycia village - built in 1935
At the foot of mt. Steryshora (Chorna Klyva) - built in 1937
At mt. Pasichny Verkh - opened in 1937
At Nyzhnia locality at the foot of mt. Dovbushanka - opened since 1927, in winter overnight places for 20 persons, in summer - 40.
At Zubrynka sliuce at mt. Dovbushanka - contained 60 overnight places; built in 1936-38
At Barania glade at mt. Homjak - opened in 1937

    Притулок на Вишківському перевалі Притулок на Свічі Притулок на Свічі Притулок під Молодою
    Притулок на пол. Боревка (Погар) Притулок на Різарні Притулок на Рущині Притулок на Рущині Притулок під Довбушанкою
    these archive photos courteously granted by Jerzy Kaplon, director of COTG PTTK, Krakow

    At Yablunetsky pass - contained 50 overnight places; built in 1932-34
    In Vorokhta village - two (Dworki Czarnogorski (Chornohora quarters): first - for 30 persons, opened in 1893; second - for 80, built in 1925-28
    At the foot of mt. Kukul - built in 1939, for 105 persons, with central heating, shower, sewer, electric lighting and telephone
    At Zarosliak locality - most popular and well-known tourist refuge. It originated from existed in 1876 stepherds' shelter. In 1879-81 there had been erected the first refuge that burnt down in 1908. In 1911-12 the new one was raised but destroyed during world war I. In 1923-27 for the third time the refuge had been reconstructed into confortable hostel with all conveniences - verendah, shower, electric lighting and telephone communication. It contained 120 overnight places, and 150 - before WW II. During the war the refuge was burnt again, in nowadays there is sport centre "Zarosliak" instead.
    At Zavoyelia locality - a wooden building that was raised in 1881-82 and gradually got destructed.
    At Gadzhyna pasture - the first tourist refuge in Eastern Carpathians. Opened in 1878, existed for several years. In 1938 a private hostel for some dozen had been built instead, alas destroyed in the war-time.
    Near sources of Pohorilets stream - opened in 1934 and was located at the altitute of 1700 m above sea level, contained 50 overnight places.
    At Kostrycha range - built in 1935 at the altitude of 1350 m above sea level and contained 80 overnignt places. It was provided with electricity and sewer system.
    At Maryshevska pasture - opened in 1936 at the altitude of 1370 m above sea level and contained 75 overnignt places.
    At mt. Smotrych - built in 1934 at the altitude of 1370 m above sea level. It was the highest by altitude.
    At foot of Pip Ivan at Chornohora range - built in 1882-83 at Gropa pasture and had been existing till WW I.
    Botanical centre at Pozhyzhevska pasture - built in 1899, allowed tourist lodging. It provided systematic capabilities for mountainous species research activity and meteorologic observation. The refuge was destructed during WW I and reconstructed in 1923. It was repeatedly broken down in WW II and continued its activity after rebuilding in the 50s.
    Astronomic-meteorologic observatory at Pip Ivan mt. - a giant building resembling "L" letter with nearly half a hundred of apartments, electric lighting and central heating, built in 1936-38. That was the most highly situated and inhabited building in the country (2026 metres a.s.l.). The observatory was equipped with most modern appliances for scientific observation, including a unique astrograph with mirror diameter of 33 cm. It was abandoned in 1939.

    Притулок під Кукулом Притулок на Заросляку Притулок на Заросляку Притулок під Смотричем Притулок під Попом Іваном Притулок на Маришевській Притулок на Костричі
    these archive photos courteously granted by Jerzy Kaplon, director of COTG PTTK, Krakow

    Chyvchyn mountains
    In Burkut settlement - refuge built in 1937-39, with 80 overnight places available. Abandoned in 1939 and razed during WW II.
    At the Copilash mt. - a private refuge
    At Popadynets' - built in 1935 within programme of Cheremosh sources exploring
    At Baltagul locality near Rotundul mt. - raised in 1935
    At Furatyk mt. - reconstructed from shepherd hut in the 30s and was demolished in war-time.
    Hryniavski mountains
    At Masnyj Pryslup mt. near Baba Liudova - built in 1935
    At Skupova mt. - opened in 1935
    At Preluchnyj (Perkalaba area) - built in 1937

    Притулок на Скуповій
    this archive photo courteously granted by Jerzy Kaplon, director of COTG PTTK, Krakow

    Pokutski mountains (Zhabje - Verhovyna area)
    In Slupejtse settlement - built in 1892 (Dworek Czarnogorski, Chornohora quarters)
    In Il'ci village - school refuge

    Other lodging facilities - in private households.

       розміщення притулку встановлюється
    this archive photo courteously granted by Jerzy Kaplon, director of COTG PTTK, Krakow


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